The 2024 TIPS Forum seeks to deepen understanding of the small business sector in South Africa, how it is evolving, and the implications for industrial policy. The future of small business is core to an inclusive industrial policy in South Africa. Far fewer people earn livelihoods from their own businesses in South Africa than in other upper-middle-income countries. That reality is a core factor behind unusually high joblessness as well as deep inequalities in income and ownership. Industrial policy aimed at inclusive industrialisation must therefore seek a step change in the number of small businesses.

The Forum will discuss the systemic obstacles to the growth of small businesses in South Africa, and strategies for scaling up support and strengthening small business development as part of inclusive industrialisation. In doing so, the Forum will encourage discussion that considers the challenges and opportunities of the small business sector and inclusive industrialisation.

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The Forum is platform for researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders to present research and engage in dialogue on policy-relevant issues. The Forums have overarching themes and have been running since 1997. For details of past Forums and copies of research presented go to Forum Papers.

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