Industrial Policy in an era of global structural change
Implications for Southern Africa

Social Development Policy Coordinator at the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), lead on Climate Change and Just Transition

Boitumelo Molete is Social Development Policy Coordinator at COSATU. She is the lead on Climate Change and Just Transition for the trade union federation. The key focus of her work is social policy,

including policies on transport, housing, health and comprehensive social security, as well as climate change. Her responsibilities include engaging with stakeholders on topical issues that are impacting climate change and the just transition in various sectors and industries; establishing capacity building programmes within COSATU affiliates on the just transition; and conducting workshops. She has worked on issues of climate change through the labour perspective for eight years, looking at the effects of climate change on the working class. She is one of the experts who contributed to the newly developed COSATU Just Transition Blueprint for workers. She sits on the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC), where she represents organised labour, including on the Management Committee (MANCO) and the Executive Committee (EXCO), and in the NEDLAC Development Chamber. She is a Universal Basic Income Coalition subcommittee member, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy South Advisory Group Interim Committee member, and Youth Advisory Group of the Green Jobs for Youth Pact member.

Boitumelo is participating in the Leadership Development Programme (University of Pretoria: Enterprise 2023) and completing a BA Sociology Honours (University of South Africa: 2024). Her academic qualifications include a Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Law (University of Johannesburg: 2019); a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Sciences and Sociology (University of Johannesburg: 2012) and a Research Sociology Certificate (University of Johannesburg: 2012).