Industrial Policy in an era of global structural change
Implications for Southern Africa

Economist | TIPS

Gillian Chigumira is an Economist at TIPS. She has more than eight-and-a-half years of experience as an economist, policy advisor and strategy analyst in the field of industrial development and inclusive economic growth for South Africa and the greater Southern African Development Community Region.

Her work fundamentally targets research and policy development for government departments, regional and international organisations. Her expertise cuts across national masterplans for industry and sectors, and individual product analysis in agricultural and agro-processing related value chains and the broader manufacturing sector. Gillian has recently worked on South Africa Master Plans such as the Water and Sanitation Industry Master Plan; Sugar Value Chain Master Plan; the Poultry Master Plan and the Plastics Industry Master Plan for Growth. She has also worked on multiple agricultural value chain studies on agro-processing machinery, dairy, aquaculture, abalone, essential oils, soybeans, fruits and vegetables, cassava, industrial starches, hemp, and confectionery. Gillian is also a member and Certified Business Advisor with the Institute of Business Advisors of Southern Africa (Reg. M5358).